By your presence here, I assume you are aware of how important it is to ask questions to a digital marketing company. And not just the questions of how much will they cost and what they will do, but questions like how can they deliver value, resonate with your business goals and what are their ethics. 

We will help you list the 10 most important questions you must ask before hiring a digital marketing agency.

1. Do you do all the work yourself?

Some digital marketing agencies outsource the work. This leaves no room to know who is actually doing work for you. Outsourcing makes the digital marketing agency simply the middle man, and nothing more.

The best digital marketing company would prefer to work within the company and form direct contacts with you to discuss needs and meet your expectations. 

2. How will you help us increase sales?

You don’t want an agency with all bark, no bite. Talk of results. A good digital marketing agency will tell you how their web-developing agency strives for conversion rates, not merely traffic.

3. Will you present us with reports of paid campaigns?

The right digital marketing company will say yes. Paid campaigns such as CPC, PPC need to be tracked and analyzed for success rates. 

If you don’t realize which one of your strategies works and which doesn’t, if you don’t know why one strategy failed and another succeeded, there is no way to know what’s the next right step. 

4. Are you holding a valid partnership with Google?

A company who has access to their team of Google agency and is updated about the latest version has a Google partner badge. Verify whether the concerned digital marketing agency has it. 

5. How do you deal with transforming the industry?

The digital marketing industry has witnessed massive changes in recent years. Get to know whether they are aware of all the trending strategies that come and go. Ask what systems they run to keep up with industry changes and learn new marketing tactics.

6. What do you think about our company?

A thorough digital agency will have a rough structure of the marketing plan ready. They will tell you where you need improvement, where you should invest more, and where less.

7. How transparent will you be working?

Ask them whether their service will let you know which software they use, and what spending they do.

Even when you think you are the boss of your company, some digital marketing agencies prefer keeping things from you and doing it their way. If coordination isn’t part of your contract, there is nothing to gain from that agency.

8. What are your achievements?

This is something you’d probably read on their website. However, ask them about their experiences with other companies. Listening to their work is different than reading it. See whether they are passionate about what they do. After all, you want someone to grow your business. If they don’t like what they do, they might not as well be liking what you do too.

9. How much time will you spend on us?

A good digital marketing company will explain how much time they will spend on your campaign daily, and sum it up honestly. 

10. Have you worked for my niche before?

A digital agency with experience in your field may be the perfect one for you. However, a passionate agency might promise to bring creativity and innovation to your brand. This all depends on what potential you see in that agency. Nevertheless, the most riskless agency you can hire would be the one already experienced in your field. 

Evaluate rating the agency on the responses given by the agency. If they’ve earned your confidence, then you’ve selected the right agency for your business goals. Moreover, if you’re looking to grow your business, it’s a good idea to invest in a solid Inbound marketing program. 

CTS houses a web development team in addition to digital marketing experts for more insights, speed and effectiveness of results. Get in touch with us today! If you’re happy with the answers you’ve received from our agency and feel like you can trust us, we might be the digital marketing company you’re looking for.