To run a small business, you need to find the proper channels to grow your audience, hit suitable targets, and so much more. You might have an exceptional product or service, but it won’t sell unless people know about it. Luckily, you are in the digital age, and you have an accessible medium to grow your small business: Digital Marketing.

In this article, we have mentioned 7 ways small businesses can leverage digital marketing in 2022 to make this year full of opportunities and growth for your business. Let’s dive right in!

1. Build an SEO-Friendly Website

People won’t buy it unless they see it. But how will they see it if you can’t show them? That’s why you need to build an SEO-friendly website for your business. SEO is a digital marketing practice that increases the rank of your website on search engines. There’s a lot that goes into making a website SEO-friendly. However, these are the key points that ensure an SEO-optimized website:

  • Quality content
  • Keyword research
  • Optimized user experience
  • Internal linking
  • Optimized headers and meta description

2. Apply the Transparent Policy

To run any business, the general rule of thumb is to create trust with your customers. Fortunately, you don’t have to approach your customers individually, in a traditional manner, to make them trust you. People are more careful with online payments, thinking twice before clicking on the purchase tab. Visual storytelling is the growing trend to establish trust and grow your audience. Let people know more about your business through your content to connect with you.

3. Use Social Media Marketing

According to Coschedule, 92% of marketers use Facebook for advertising. Also, the year 2022 will see a record-breaking surge in social media advertising because it provides better results than any other platform. Like SEO, small business marketing requires a comprehensive strategy to make successful ad campaigns. But the key to more conversions is high-quality content, consistency, and an error-free conversion path.

4. Improve the Geo-Tagging of Your Business

Geo-tagging refers to the accessibility of your business to the one who searches for it online. Many customers search for businesses online before reaching out to them, whether physically or virtually. A substantial online presence gives your customers a sense of authenticity and comfort. Ensure your business has the right address, email, profile links, and contact number so they can contact you when they need to.

5. Leverage the Video Reel Trend

Instagram reels and TikTok have created waves in the digital marketing trends in recent years. The growing trend suggests that 2022 will see a surge in advertising through these video reel platforms. It is not that common right now, so you should get ahead of everyone to help your small business grow.

6. Get Familiar with Voice Search

Ever noticed the little mic icon on the corner of the search engine bar? If not, it’s time to get updated with the trend that will change the search engine game shortly. The mic allows users to speak to search instead of typing. Your small business can reap maximum benefits from voice search by targeting the right keywords and optimizing according to the voice search trends.

7. Start a Rewards and Referral Program

This is an old trick but never seems to go out of fashion. Depending on what you offer, you can promote your business by setting up rewards and asking your customers to do simple tasks or competing in exciting competitions. To make it even a bigger hit, you can combine this strategy with influencer marketing to reach the masses.

Grow Your Business in 2022

The competition is more challenging than ever. If small businesses are to stand a chance against the big players, leveraging these digital marketing trends in 2022 is the way to do it.