The year 2020, though burdened pandemic upon us, has given an upper hand to digital marketing over offline marketing. As the Covid-19 pandemic made people stay within the walls of their home, digital marketing became more effective than any other marketing strategy ever existed.

Covid-19 emergence in the year 2020 sheltered disastrous situations all around the globe. The Corona pandemic has brought a sour taste on everyone’s tongue, especially of business owners, as they had to survive severe losses and creeping progress of administrations. Anyhow, life goes on, or perhaps life has to be pushed forward; especially in difficult times.

With everyone in their homes, remote working, and no face-to-face operations, immense complications arose. Many small scale businesses, newly establishing their roots were holding their worth on verbal communications, unwritten marketing, and word-of-mouth referrals. These tactics failed massively in the times of ‘social distancing’.

The number of people on the internet is only increasing and during the coronavirus pandemic, people were online more than they ever were. People want to buy, learn new things, and entertain themselves; inside home or not. What businesses had to do was reach them. The pandemic was perhaps a window of opportunity that many companies realized and took advantage of.

Covid-19 has changed the world, in terms that no one would have ever imagined and only those who stayed rooted who fought for survival in the storms of the virus spread. With the cancellation of various events, meetings, and sales visits, even big companies have faced millions of losses.

Businesses that were relying on the offline network have started investing in improving their website’s SEO performance. Posting ads and increasing the budget of the marketing team is the obvious effect of losing offline marketing opportunities.

As the pandemic introduced a sudden turn of events, many companies shifted their gear of progression as well. Many clothing companies started mass production of masks while health care industries increased manufacturing of sanitizers and virus-related health-care products.

Changing the situation became an essential factor as companies big and small started marketing campaigns with pandemic-related content, virtual meetings with global influencers, fun activities from home, and competitions worth participating in. All of these efforts were entitled to remain active and connected with customers.

Staying socially enthusiastic, producing quality content, employing virtual activities, and sometimes setting the online business itself has been the biggest changes companies adopted during the corona pandemic.

Businesses with no Facebook and Instagram pages are now beginning their journey on these social media platforms to build brand’s name and amplify their conversion rate. While owners who already developed digital marketing to its best are progressing at a relatively faster rate.

Digital marketing will continue to hold the future as companies are more inclined towards recognizing and targeting a specific audience on social media. Everyone seems to be connected to social media in one way or another and accessing users with exact needs is like advertising to only those who are looking for it. Without a doubt, digital marketing is effective in influencing the target audience and avoiding waste of energy on uninterested users.

Emailing is another way of popular digital marketing. Sending emails is a cost-efficient, quick and reliable type of marketing. Emailing users regarding updates, new services and blogs is a valuable way to stay in touch with users and reminding them of your attentiveness and reliability.

The expected 5 years growth in US eCommerce was witnessed within 6 months during the COVID period. There are many strategies that businesses can choose to survive during and after COVID-19. You maysignificantly invest in digital marketing channels, enhance and strengthen the customer experience, upgrade the supply chain and fulfillment which lies inthe technological platforms you choose, and elevating eCommerce as the high prioritytask for your business.

It was observed that n the time of the pandemic, more and more companies have started hiring SEO improving services, content writers, and social media marketing services. Hiring social media influencers to market your product is a trending theme for companies.

Covid-19 taught us a lesson and it was one of those that we have to learn the hard way. Nonetheless, those who employed digital marketing are having an edge over others by being more visible, adaptable, and opportunistic. Even when the pandemic gets over having an equivalent grip on a digital platform is essential for people who are still online.

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