Ways of earning new client leads have come a long way. From evolving through referrals and one-to-one connections it has now become online, many times with strangers and from a distance that no one had ever imagined. Your small business can surely benefit the most from it.

However, changing times came with battling challenges and acceptance of new techniques of marketing. The perfect amalgam of ideas, innovation, and modern ethics is harder than it sounds. Nonetheless, we’ve seen small business ideas taking a high flight, all on the account of effective marketing. Let’s check out the 10 pro workable tips to generate new leads for your small business.

Video Marketing

It isn’t unfair to call today an era of audio-visual marketing. Inculcating storytelling in every form of your marketing is advisable. However, the fact is video is the most profound way to achieve that. Videos can be discussing your problem-solving capacities, introducing your team, your client network, or simply your productive work environment. An effective video marketing can have a dramatic impact on small business lead generation

Power of SEO 

The fastest way of lead generation is to optimize your appearance for better. Having an SEO-friendly website clears clutter around the way to reach you and directly land clients who are looking for your services.

PPC Marketing 

Pay-per-click marketing is designed to make you appear on user’s screens when they search for related keywords. This lets you advertise only to those in need rather than random irrelevant users. 

Not only does PPC ensure that you pay only for those who click on your site but also delivers an affordable way to market your product.

Designing User-Friendly Website

Online mode provides innumerable alternatives. If clients find one confusing thing on your website, it will take them less than one second to close you up and look for someone else.

Build a lead-generating website that does justice to your value, renders quality content, and persuades clients to hire you for services.

Businesses On Social Media 

You do not necessarily have to make an appearance on every single social media. It’s never about being present but about earning attention. Build a connection with your niche, facilitate collaborations with already established influencers, and ease the way to reach you.

Arrange A Webinar

People are knowledge-hungry; you just have to find a way to make them have it from you. Webinars are usually free of cost, their sole purpose being giving what the audience wants, introducing them to what you do, and how you do it best from all. 

Webinar only goes hit when you choose a sizzling topic that people are keen to know more of and when an honored speaker is invited. 

Report Writing

Form detailed reports of your work with your previous clients. Industry research reports on intriguing topics play a foundational role in building a brand.

Distribute White Papers

A white paper is a document highlighting features of your company in terms of the value you deliver. You can publish this white paper on your website or manually distribute them, either way, they serve as a great reputation builder. 


If your service is related to a wider matter that your audience might be interested in being indulged in, E-newsletter is trending as a well doable trick. Emailing this informational newsletter to a potential audience every week or month is a great way to stay in touch and appear on their screen more often than you could have otherwise.

Blog You Way In

Even after its unavailability to generate direct leads, blogs let you define your authority and brand. Blogging persistently and qualitatively is crucial if you wish to survive in the long run.

It is all about attracting new customers, establishing brand awareness, and driving revenue, interest, and profit in the business. Try to extend the list of channels you used to generate potential customers. You may consider other tips if one tactic doesn’t work. 

CTS, as experts in lead generation, can help you get more leads for your business and grow your company. Our digital marketing agency can help you improve your lead generation flow in Chicago and increase your bottom line.