Stuck on deciding a topic for your blog? Here’s some expert’s advice for your creative brain..

I. Catalog of posts:

People love lists. They’re simple to skim scan, and a wonderful beginning to start the discussion.

  • Create an index of products, list down catchy titles and contents related to them, boost your audience with posts on complimentary products, business related posts: Write a few lines concerning purpose of each item on the list, why it’s relevant to the blog topic set up, and therefore, in which manner it’ll benefit the reader.

II. Trends:

What unit the latest trends in your niche? What’s operational and what’s not? Put on a nice outlining of trends, and why they matter.

  • Gather statistics, graphs, and quotes from consultants. Finally, offer unjust recommendations to overcome the challenges and benefits of the opportunities.

III. Get personal:

A personal touch goes an extended manner. Try the subsequent tips to change your business to create long term relationships with your customer.

  • Reflect upon a key lesson you’ve learned. A blog concerning what you’d do if you were made to pass back in time, and what you would like to do if you could foresee yourself. You can also communicate with your forthcoming identity.

Eg. A blog throwing light on your new upcoming service that would rejoice your customers or maybe a blog topic as: “Want to make your wardrobe filled with 80’s collection” here’s introducing a new blend of 80’s and 2020’s fashion designs.


Include motivating quotes, statistics, images, graphs, tables, and most importantly, wonderful tips to help people attain their goals.

  • Along with all this, don’t forget to guide them regarding the best digital marketing agency in Chicago — ChicagoTechSolutions which can offer them a crowning accomplishment.

V. Set up a contest in your diary:

After doing the giveaway or competition on your diary, share the results. Did it find yourself, or was it a dud?

VI. List of hacks:

  • Write the hacks to do a particular task or job you’ve got mastered in.

VII. Upgrading yourself:

  • List out the things which will help you to upgrade to a better version of yourself!

E.g. – Learn some courses which may help you to start your business or which may assist you to become an entrepreneur.

VIII. What is your bucket list?

What types of things do you have to be compelled to attempt to do before you kick the bucket? Dream large. Life is full of exciting things.

IX.  what words make value to your life?

  • Use those as innovations for sections and flesh out a post that involves your ideology.

E.g.-What’s your life’s motto? I want to be best international content writer. Tips to accomplish this.

X. Love traveling? 

If so, share your experiences. Do you travel a lot? If so, use this for inspiration. Write a traveler’s blog.

  • Share where the foremost effective places you need to travel, visit, explore, stay. Also, about the nice bed, and breakfast you experienced while traveling.