About ICNEF Sunday School

About Us

The Sunday School is committed to instilling Islamic values in our children: habits, attitudes, high moral and ethical standards, tolerance, and patience that are characteristics of a good Muslim. With the help of Allah (SWT), we shall prepare our children to become good Muslim role models, exemplary citizens in their communities, and to excel in their professional careers.


Our Mission

ICNEF Sunday School is dedicated to encouraging spiritual development and increasing God consciousness through the Quranic and Islamic teachings.

Our school strives to instill in its students a sense of self-assurance, as American Muslims committed to respecting others, participating in the community, and honoring their families. The Sunday School’s goal is to

inculcate ethical values in students, so they can grow up to be positive contributors to society.


Our Vision

To serve as a center of applied Islamic knowledge for the Muslim youth of Northeast Florida.


Our Management

It is led by a dedicated team of community volunteers who devote their spare time to nurturing Northeast Florida’s Muslim youth. The volunteers and staff are diligently screened and trained to offer our students the best possible experience. A group of 23 volunteer teachers teaches the fundamentals of Islam to students between 5 and 18.