“The more times you use keywords in your content, the better your page will rank;” “SEO marketing is too slow, PPC has faster and better results.” These are only rumors that people who are afraid to take risks spread about SEO. Don’t believe them. There is a lot of information you can find on SEO that can help your business reach new heights. But the problem is, not all information is correct.

Like the previously mentioned rumors, there are many other SEO myths responsible for limiting the potential of your business. Read on to debunk these myths so that you can reap the maximum benefits of SEO.

High Keyword Density Improves Page Ranking

Keywords have been the key to increasing your page’s ranking since online marketing came into being. However, increasing keywords in your content will not help your page appear more in search results. Using keywords unnaturally and unnecessarily is marked as keyword stuffing by the search engine and leads to penalties. Therefore, use only relevant keywords the right number of times to fit the content best.

SEO Is a One-Time Job

This is a widespread myth about SEO marketing. Many people think that SEO is a one-time practice, and once it is implemented, it works automatically to improve your site’s ranking. On the contrary, SEO is a constantly evolving technique that needs to be analyzed and updated as you go. You can only reappear in your customer’s searches if you keep up with your SEO strategies by constant monitoring.

SEO Is Expensive

If you are invested in your business for the long run, the cost of SEO should not be a problem. Like a computer, a shop, fittings, or a website, SEO is too an investment in your business, that if done the right way, will keep returning much more than you invested. Besides, expensive is a relative term. Depending on the budget and size of your business, you can customize a plan to suit your needs best.

Quantity of Links Is More Important than Quality

Let us put this simply for you โ€“ fewer and high-quality links are the way to go. Customers put their trust in your site when they tap on the links. When you put too many links, customers get tired of the interruption, leading to traffic diversion from your website. You don’t want that. Moreover, lower quality or irrelevant links lead to customers losing trust in your content, even if the content is top-notch.

Link Building Is Not Relevant Anymore

Compared to the previous point, a school of thought is that link building is not relevant anymore for SEO marketing. Links are a credible way of establishing the authority and reputation of your website. Whether you use backlinking or external linking, they show your customers that your site is genuine and that they can trust it.

SEO Takes Too Long, PPC Is Better

We won’t deny that. PPC is better, but for the short term. Ensuring your ads keep showing is a war of bidding. You will need to outbid your competitors to show our ad on top, and they will do the same. This cycle results in recurring costs that are higher each time. Moreover, over 94% of people click on organic results instead of paid ads. So, why would you want to spend thousands of dollars when you can get more clicks for less money with a bit of patience?

Interactive Content Does Not Improve SEO

Keep your SEO up-to-date, and the rankings will take care of themselves. Do whatever it takes not to believe this myth. No matter how well your website is search engine optimized, it won’t work unless your content lacks quality. The better and more interactive your content is, the more time visitors will spend on your site. Moreover, this also compels other websites to mention your links in their content, resulting in higher traffic and better ranking.

Wrapping Up

In the virtual age, Search Engine Marketing is what will make your business stand apart and show it on the first page of the search engine โ€” knowing the SEO myths is beneficial, so you know what works in favor of your business.