Hello there! As we are assuming, you are here to improve your website or you are just willing to learn something new today, either the way this guide will not disappoint you. So, let’s begin! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be learned and even mastered by those who wish to group their website with the highly ranked ones. Understanding the major aspects of SEO will let you gain a competitive advantage, make your website user-friendly and help you to keep track of clients’ response to your creation. Mastering the art of SEO will induce approachability, convenience and ease for search engines and advertise the core principles of your brand.



The auspicious elements of Search Engine Optimization lie within a fundamental hierarchy of Maslow. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states the key property of life. If basic human needs are not satisfied then it doesn’t matter if you have luxurious accessories or not. To have this as an example, traveling isn’t a matter of concern if you don’t have food to eat.

Similarly, Rand Fishkin has developed ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of SEO needs’ to guide web designers about SEO.

As the above figure effectively conveys, the heart of a good SEO rests in the basics like crawl accessibility and compelling content. Other important parts are added consecutively towards the apex.

This guide is designed to make you aware of essential areas which play an equivalently important role in SEO assessment. We’ll now “scroll downwards” in the journey of learning SEO chapter wise.



Search engines work by discovering, comprehending and organizing content to provide users with the most appropriate solution to their query. Search engines fundamentally perform 3 functions; crawling, indexing and ranking.

  1. Crawling: This is the process of uncovering new content with the help of the team of robots called spiders or crawlers who find recent or updated content by hopping and discovering URLs. A database of discovered URLs is added to an index called Caffeine.
  2. Indexing: Index is a massive database of all the content search engine has found. Indexing is a sign of completion of the crawling process.
  3. Ranking: When a user searches, a search engine orders its content in such a way that a user sees the most relevant content on top. This categorizing of search results is called ranking.



Now that you know how to appear in an index, lets now discover how to use keywords, why using them is important and how they can bring your site into the main pool of SERPs.

Keywords are the words that people use to search for popularly and frequently. Before considering keywords, you must realize who are your target users, what are their needs, what are they mostly to search, and what kind of format are they expecting the result page to be in. A strategic SEO will always ensure the utilization of essential keywords in their content.



We have so far learned about how to use keywords, search engine’s functionalities and basic do’s and don’ts. Now it’s time to get the real content done!

Following are the basic tactics to improve the crafting of your beautiful content.

  • First of all, you should create a readable content which any user can understand and it should be super easy for the user to find it. For fulfilling this purpose, searching keywords and collecting them is necessary.
  • Also, look for the expected format, check out the content of ranking websites, check if the target audience is searching for photos, related videos, short/long texts, lists or sections.
  • Try to be innovative, think out of the box. Remember a unique format of representation that begins from someone. So why not you?



We have learned how to efficiently design our website for users, but we are yet to discover how we can make it readable for crawlers of search engines. If you are not from a technical background then you must at least know some website-related technicalities, so you can exactly express your needs to a developer.

The technical construction of a website creates a huge difference in website performance; therefore, you must know some basic aspects of website designing, such as how a website works, how search engines comprehend a website, and how users tend to interact with it.



Yes! You have made it so far! Come on, let’s see the final steps in perfecting SEO. To gain a competitive advantage over others, you must earn links from established websites, construct your valuable purpose and deliver you intent to users. Google stated that the quality of content and links are the two of the three most important ranking factors. The faithful sites tend to link to similar sites while spam sites link spam sites.

Links are like votes, the higher number of votes a website gets, higher is that website put in an index.

E-A-T stands for Expert, Authorities and Trustworthy. These are the qualities of an ideal website. According to Google’s search quality rater guidelines, sites that do not portray effective E-A-T are at lower ranks in the eyes of search engines, while those who do, are ranked at the top.



After all the hard work you have put into your website, from understanding SEO to creating potential content, you need to keep track of your progress for progress that is not meant to be ever stopped. Measuring the impact of website refinement and maintenance is crucial for SEO success, user satisfaction and invaluable brand.

One of the most important ways of keeping track of user’s response would be analyzing engagement metrics which includes conversion rate, time on page, pages per visit, bounce rate and scroll depth. You can also use resources like google analytics which gives you comprehensive knowledge of so many aspects and so much to the extent it becomes overwhelming.

Learning SEO inside out is a must-to-do task if you wish to develop your site. SEO will not only give you the latest insights into current technology but also deliver you a new way of looking towards the world, with the same eyes but the different view, where every person’s preference makes difference, for SEO stands on the choice of every internet user. Once you get the theory you’re all set to apply it. Although a practical approach with technical expert guidance makes it quick.

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