With 2022 commencing, digital marketing has become the streamline strategy for most startups. It has been adopted for rapid reach and business growth by many newbies. 

Some digital marketing strategies hit the mark, some strategies find their way close to the mark, while the rest don’t work out. 

Which digital marketing strategy should you adopt to boost the growth of your business?

Start-ups of the digital era have more opportunities in digital marketing than any entrepreneur ever had and the cherry on top is “Most of them are free”. If you have a start-up, there is a pretty good chance to fly high with the lowest marketing investments. 

So, without making you wait further, let’s dive deep into 7 affordable digital marketing strategies for start-ups.

Send Value-Adding Emails to Your Audience

Let’s take the bull by its horns, and get it straight. People check their emails, most of them do it every day. If you want to appear on their screen, you must add an attention-grabbing subject that intrigues their attention and persuades them to open it. 

This is the best way to stay in your audience’s touch and enhance your conversion rate.

Enhance Your Social Media Appearance

Over 53% of people worldwide are on social media, so if your digital marketing strategies do not include it, you are missing out on a huge audience.

The latest features of almost every social media platform allow you to gain attention through paid advertising. It assists you to generate new leads, improve your rank and increase sales.

PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click allows your ad to push past every other organic search result and appear first on the user’s screen. PPC is referred to as a powerful marketing tool in startup marketing that leads the target audience straight to your site.

Excellent SEO Practices 

Building an SEO-friendly website has no alternative, either you have it or you don’t. To strive in the crowdy online businesses it’s the only way to stand out from your competitors.

SEO practices include keeping track of your audiences’ progress on your site, content creation, adding relevant keywords, monitoring the return on investments (ROI), generating backlinks, and much more. 

Content Creation

According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers generate at least one piece of content each day. This is a huge number considering how large the industry is, why is content marketing so important? What content has to do with sales?

Content marketing lets you build a reputation and trust among your audience by solving their problems, reaching out with help, and demonstrating your values. Quality content enhances your visibility, boosts brand building, and establishes authority. Many services for startups help entrepreneurs to build their content. Getting their help along with the insights from your team will help you create value-adding and engaging content.

Hire Influencers

According to big commerce, 17% of companies spend half of their marketing budget on influencer marketing. Hiring an influencer to market your product or services is an emerging strategy that’s attracting a lot of attention. 

Targeting a specific audience is also a perk here. Collaborating with an influencer whose content resonates with your value will benefit you to target the right users. Many times, people will trust your brand solely because of the authenticity of the influencer who showed trust in your brand. If you play all your cards right, influencer marketing might take you to the heights no other strategy ever could.

Retarget Audience

Uncertainty is part of the customer experience. They might be unsure the first time they see your site and leave. 

Giving a positive follow-up will tell them that you take them seriously and reconsidering their choice is a valid option. You can do this by emailing after their first visit or showing relevant ads and hope for the best.

How do we help you to build robust digital marketing strategies for shooting up your sales?