With the peak time of 2023, you must figure out how else to boost your new business? Or looking for some fresh online marketing strategies to help grow your business? Here are the top, yet most effective digital marketing strategies for you to implement this year and shoot up your business targets. 

Do you know that having a strategic marketing plan goes a long way in attracting new customers, increase traffic and thereby the sales? Post the analysis of previous year, marketing strategies haven’t given that boost to your business. Only upon strengthening your current online marketing strategies will you get the best ROI. 

What is an effective marketing strategy?

An effective marketing strategy helps you figure out who your customers are and how you’ll reach them. It’s a blueprint for the marketing activity you’ll do in the coming months and years to grow your business.

 A powerful marketing strategy should encompass 

  • Your business values, 
  • Value proposition,  
  • Target audience,
  • Product/service uniqueness.

1. Short content video marketing 

Long video content has its place and purpose, but short video content really took off in 2022 with the rise of things like Instagram Reels and TikTok. This trend seems to be slowing down for the entire year of 2023. It’s even more important for brands, influencers, and everyday social media users to share their content. Customers prefer watching short videos over long ones, since it saves them time and gives them a glimpse of everything in a nutshell. Having said this, videos of 30-60 seconds have got more click through and traffic to the websites, as potential customers wanted to know more about your business. 

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to attract traffic

As marketers, we need to ensure that our sites are as visible on Google as possible — especially for long-term and short-term traffic. As always, SEO is becoming increasingly important in modern marketing. 

The need and interest for SEO strategies grows, so does all search optimization opportunities. SEO isn’t just about posting basic answers to simple search queries anymore. With the ever-changing Google algorithms, investing in SEO is never worthless. Brands are now hiring SEO experts to help them with all sorts of things, from creating reports to optimizing videos. 

3. Mobile-friendliness will be even more important in the future

It’s no surprise that consumers spend more time on mobile devices. In fact, more than half of annual online website traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablets. Millenials and Gen Z are gaining purchasing power, so mobile-optimized digital experiences will be even more vital to consider as a business owner who markets to these fast-paced, highly connected generations. 84% of marketers or businesses plan to continue to invest the same amount or more in 2023. And on top of that, mobile experiences are important not only on brand websites, but also in other key marketing strategies. For instance, most marketers work with email / mobile app notifications, which focus on strategic sales and offer, and have delivered engaging experiences to customers. 

4. Email and text marketing:

Even though omnichannel marketing is still a great way to run your small business, text messaging and email marketing are becoming more popular. Text messaging is a powerful tool that is seeing a rise in entrepreneurs and influencers using it in conjunction with email to provide exclusive value and offers to both active and passive customers. Big name brands, including Uber, ShopperStop, and Amazon, are all embracing the text trend. Small businesses are doing it too and seeing incredible results. Email and text messaging are great for building personal connections with your customers.

5. Audio content will become more prominent. 

In 2022, people went back to audio with platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and of course more podcasts coming to life to build authority and establish individuals as thought leaders on specific topics. It’s expected that in 2023 people will continue to use audio-only communication methods because of frustration with constant zooming. 

6. Content creation strategies that scaleup. 

Brands are already doing more with less by creating one video, blog post, or podcast interview. Rather they should create more content across social media and other platforms. This will help businesses of all sizes show up more easily and create content that aligns with their ideal target customer. With scalable content, we can turn one blog post into five social media posts, five text messages, three videos, and three or more email marketing campaigns. Marketers will continue to use repetition to stay top of mind in 2023.

7. Automation and nurturing will go mainstream. 

We see a lot of chatter about funnels and lead magnets, but 2023 to be the year where nurture flows and automation go mainstream. Omnisend, Eloqua, and Marketo make it easy and affordable for small businesses to access automation tools. In 2023, smaller businesses to invest in automation to smoothly run their brick and mortar stores and keep costs down. Let it be your email marketing, ads publishing on one platform, continuous monitoring / analysis of your marketing investments, these tools help you in everything. 

Sit back and reflect on what works and what can be optimized for the future growth of the business. Analyse which strategies you want to implement from the current trends, aligning your budget goals. A professional help can certainly give you the best return on your efforts. That’s exactly where CTS, one of the best digital marketing agencies, takes the plight in growing your small business. We deliver holistic digital marketing, web development, and branding services with expert guidance to reach new heights for your growing business. Drop us a line if you want to brainstorm your online business marketing strategies with our experts!