Judging from your presence here, I am guessing you have faced the error ‘404 Not Found’ recently or you want to rectify the 404 issues on your website. Either way, 404 is hardly a reason of joy; it creates problems for websites themselves and restricts users from accessing information.

A 404-error code is a standard way of conveying to the user the inability of the server in finding the requested page. Most of the time error 404 mean that the typed URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is incorrect, but the other times it can imply many serious worries including website issues, connectivity problems, and broken links.

WHY 404 Error OCCURS?

As mentioned previously, 404 is not a happy message to see on your screen, but we have to view it once in a while. Many websites have their share or 404 pages. Whatever the reason may be, but they exist nonetheless.

Given below are some of the main reasons behind the 404-error code.

404 messages are usually triggered when the content on the respective page has either been removed or moved to another URL and haven’t kept good track of.

Especially when someone is typing a URL manually, there is pretty room for making mistakes and receiving a 404 error message.

The possibility server responsible for the internet is not running or the connection is interrupting; not allowing the search to complete.

The other possibility could be the content on which the relevant URL has been deleted.

Poor management of internal links.

Some 404 errors are easily fixed. You can try reloading the site page, rechecking the accuracy of the URL, using the website itself to find the page by putting keywords in the search bar, deleting cache, or contacting the website itself. Even after all these efforts, if the ‘404 Not Found’ error persists, it can be concluded that the problem resides from the website owner’s side.


If you own a business and your website incorporates many 404 pages then you might want to be careful of future reverberations. Search engines are getting exceptional day by day. Google’s algorithms change almost every day and their newest developments are hard to keep track of. All we know about them is they want to give the best result to users.

You have to do the same to impress search engines!

If crawlers or bots of search engines find many 404 error codes on your website, then they communicate with search engines about poor maintenance of your website.

Depreciating in the eyes of search engines can cost you a low ranking or no indexing at all. This can be the huge impact your business will ever burden if not maintained up to date.

Too many broken links on your website will drive customers away from your site, lowering the traffic volume and resultantly collapsing your conversion rate.

By now you must have realized the importance of fixing problems on your website is not a mere refinement but a sheer necessity to run a successful business.

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