Digital Marketing has become the backbone of successful marketing campaigns. Each year, new developments, channels, and regulations are evolving, which is important for any marketer to know while formulating their strategies regarding content, reach, and maximizing revenue.

Let’s consider the emerging top digital marketing trends one should look out for.

Bet on Metaverse

Metaverse is a term used for virtual and augmented reality experiences with holographic avatars and videos; it is a 3D virtual world. Even Facebook has been changed into Meta, thus reinforcing that it is the next generation of social media. This is one of the digital marketing trends that will become more popular because mobile devices are becoming more advanced, and VR & AR sets are more accessible. But this is increasing from just a one-time experience like in gaming to a more constant presence where one can work, play and socialize.

The Rise of NFTs

Blockchain technology is a preparation of Web 3.0. NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are assets that can’t be replaced or interchanged. Through Blockchain, they are validated and stored. We can consider a bitcoin as fungible because you can trade one bitcoin for another bitcoin. But NFT is a digital asset such as animation, drawing, video, or audio files already on Blockchain and uniquely identified. An NFT can be traded and sold on digital markets. An NFT can be considered as a different asset and thus have a different value.

Influencers Are Still Sought After

Influencers have been a vital part of any digital campaign. The influencer market is big and will still impact the marketing activities of 2022 and will give relevance and endorsement to your products. This year, more B2B companies will turn to influencers. It is said that most marketers will be increasing their influencer budget this year. Now the influencers are taking multiple platforms, and their strong fans also like to be with them on these platforms.

There are nano influencers with a small following and celebrity influencers with millions in their audience. Since the engagement rates of Instagram are declining, now even small influencers will be in focus if their engagement rates are high. And also those who are deeply connected to their audience. If an influencer has an association with multiple brands, they will have a better impact than others.

Short Videos

A short video with the right kind of content can attract an audience’s attention. They can give simple messages in an interesting way. It is also economical because creating a short-duration video will not take a lot of resources. These videos can be candid, Behind the Scenes, DIY or true stories and can successfully engage your audience.


Storytelling is an art and has always engaged the audience, even in ancient times. Now marketers are taking this art and embedding it into their marketing voice to create more interest. The stories should not just focus on the benefits of the product or how you are better than the competition. Rather, they should give more focus on how you can benefit your consumers and why they should try out your products.

Trust Binds the Consumer

Recent times have seen quite an explosion of online businesses and content on the internet. Although it has made access to information and business transactions easier, it has also raised the question of trust. Consumers have become suspicious about how organizations are using their data and how much of their personal information is being used for other purposes.

In 2022, more strict privacy restrictions must be prepared, and there should be transparency between the organization and the consumer. They should have a clear opt-out option if they don’t want any of their information used for other purposes.