Of all people with internet access, 71% use social media. If I decide to emphasize why social media marketing is irreplaceable, I will probably need months to explain the immense supporting data. It will eventually prove how important it is in today’s world. 

As essential it is to include social media in your strategies, the tediousness of social media management can be as challenging. Especially without help.

Social media management involves looking after your social interactions and effectively managing it. It also includes generating content on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, etc. Managing all social media platforms at a time is not a cakewalk. Especially when you consistently generate valuable content, looking after its convertibility requires attention. 

A vast influx of audience results from an attentive social media manager and the ways they use to handle it. There are lots of social media services out there that are helpful, if you’re looking for a precise tool or an all-inclusive one. Here are the top 10 free time-saving tools for social media management that not only work, but shine for your betterment too.

1. Uber circle

Ubercicle’s biggest advantage is that you can use it through the web without having to download an app or software. 

It allows you to schedule, analyze and plan your content. It lets you save all your pictures, videos in one place. You can do it from any device. It may be your phone, desktop, or tab. There is no better platform than Ubercircle to organize them all.

2. Zoho Social 

Zoho Social allows you to visualize your timeline before posting. It predicts when your audience is most active. ZohoSocial cohesively facilitates tracking social media performances. It also offers a complete Analytics tool pack which has CRM integrations, Facebook lead Ads, and other advanced tools and features. 

3. NapoleanCat

NapoleanCat’s easy handling makes it a popular tool. It helps clean out damaging comments and highlights questions that need your attention.

One glance at the NapoleanCat dashboard is enough to comprehend audience response, thorough analysis, and improve social interactions by faster response delivery. It provides excellent social customer service across all the popular social media platforms. 

4. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is among the top 5% of social media management tools. The reason behind this is no rocket science. 

SocialOomph can handle a wide range of social media platforms with unique features. It automatically deletes old DMs from the user’s inbox. It also sends DMs to new Twitter handlers as a welcome. This helps boost interactions and traffic.

5. Buffer

Buffer is a user-friendly tool. It delivers thorough analysis, performance measurement, accessible interaction, and scheduling campaigns. 

Buffer’s outstanding feature of tracking the most active audience. This feature lets you know the right time to post.

6. IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is used to post the same content simultaneously on different platforms. Its ability to post on Twitter as soon as you post something on Facebook is remarkable. It’s well known for executing the commands that deliver the responses.

7. Schedugram

Schedugram is widely used for Instagram. It allows you to schedule your postings, and manage multiple accounts. Including social media analytics and auto-posting, Schedugram allows easy handling on other social media platforms. These may include LinkedIn, Google My Business, Facebook, etc.

8. Later

Later is invaluable for planning visual posts ahead of time. It is cost-effective and allows you to handle major social media platforms. In a short plan of time, as low as 20 minutes, you can schedule content for a whole week.

9. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a mind-blowing one of the time saving tools. It allows you to generate a constant streamline of content with ease. By handling more than 3 social media accounts, you can master social media management. HootSuite gives detailed social media analytics. It sustains smooth access to all accounts. That too on a single comprehensive dashboard. 

10. SocialPilot

Embraced by 115,000 companies, SocialPilot is no doubt one of the most effective tools. It comprises incredible features involving the most needful ones in business. You can control everything that’s getting displayed and operated on your social media network with their powerful analytical tool. It empowers you to make more data-driven decisions to work on your social media strategies. To increase engagement and cohesiveness, SocialPilot is an incredible choice. 

Out of these listed tools, those that are free offer limited access to features or allow you to enjoy the features for limited time periods. Prioritize your business’s goals & needs, budget and preference to decide which option is the best fit. 

CTS experts are here to guide you throughout your search for social media management, whether it’s for a complete end-to-end solution to boost your engagement, lead generation, brand awareness, or monthly content planning for social media and blogging. Get in touch with us today!