Brand Collateral

A professional coat of branding!

From years on, our marketing collateral design services have shown the potential to turn unknown into known. We create a ubiquitous voice for your brand!

What is brand collateral? How does brand collateral help your business?

Brand Collateral is the cluster of media splashing in hard copies or soft copies (Ads, Cards, Printing content, Magazines, Brand Contents, eBooks, Catalogs, etc.) Anything that you may use to speak your company’s brand message comes under marketing collateral. The primary purpose is

  • to promote the brand’s product or service
  • to support the sales
  • to create substantial proof of the brand
  • enlighten brand principles and temperament
  • strengthen the bond of company and customer
Brand Collateral is one of the foremost plans of action and integral elements during the new birth or rebirth of a brand!

Nowadays, branding is important everywhere within a corporation, so are the materials that support it. Even human resources departments, which were traditionally internally-focused, now got to promote their brand for employee engagement and recruitment purposes. Be it a large or medium scale firm, a startup, or a small scale business of any niche needs branding collateral!

What are the key principles for developing brand collateral?

Styling experience, as well as the blending art of style with a scientific approach, will have a true impact on your business. Here’s what to look for:

  • A holistic prospect: colossal designers concentrate on the minor design details; however, a big-picture is equally important for deciding on the terms for building collaterals for your business.
  • A focused mindset: contemplate strategically, making styles that can be easily related and trusted by folks, and nevertheless flawlessly captures a brand’s personality.
  • A wealth of expertise: CTS has worked with brands both prodigious and local businesses across multiple industries and has the right experience to prove it!

Types and key features of brand collaterals:

Product Packaging

Spark interest in your product

Customers are used to visualizing dozens of products a day. CTS designers are the best consultants in coming up with packages that get noticed on the shelf and online, visually transmitting the standard of quality and care you place into every product, and adding the distinctive inventive touches that separate your brand from the ocean of hungry competitors.

Business Cards

Let’s make the first impression count!

Great business cards facilitate your company stands out when it matters most. Brand identity collateral is essential to make sure that every face-to-face interaction has an influence, our designers apply your brand and it unique features to craft original styles in your most favored format and conclude it in the right way.

Signage + Booths

Keeping your brand on customers’ brains.

Whether it’s your workplace, storefront, or a trade extravaganza booth, your physical locations ought to catch the attention with high-impact results. From front and trade extravaganza aggregation to the banners of all sizes and formats, our CTS designers, leverage promoting experience to make sleek, trendy indoor and outside styles that capture client attention and bring in a new occupation.

Promotional things

Opportunity to enhance your business

Once a mug, tote bag, USB stick, or jersey gets in the right hands, it’s a novel promoting chance.

Print + show Ad Templates

Mimeograph – the formula for ad success

Advertising offers massive opportunities, however will be difficult for brands in absence of an in-house designer. Whether print, social, or show is a component of your paid media objectives, our designers are skillful at making templates for ads in each size, file type, and format credible. Our designers add to your advertising toolkit with ingenious and spectacular designs.

Why opt for a professionally designed brand collateral?

The collateral of your brand is the primary impression of your product or service which makes people count on you!

A good professionally designed solution would reinforce the perceived price of your services and will increase your sales. As a full-service branding and marketing agency, providing only qualitative marketing brand collateral design services, ChicagoTechSolution gives you the experience by creating powerful brand collateral that is capable of reaping the benefits! Our designers are experts at applying high-quality custom styles to take your promotional activity to next level!

We’re well accomplished in marketing brand collateral design services as well as in assembling these and have plenty of alternative things to reach beyond your expectations.

Chicago Tech Solution is offering the best service for a complete professional pack of branding aids (brand collaterals) which are crafted with skilled tactics and innovative designs to fuel your business and certainly granting you a crowning accomplishment.

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