Mobile App Development

Mobile app development & Marketing, Balancing installs to retention ratio!

Our Custom Mobile App Development Services offers the creation of mobile device software and its optimization to give your valued clients or audience an effective user experience of the products' unique features.

For every industry vertical, the development of a mobile app for business is the right move to take a step forward in the current competitive market. Mobile apps are traversing from different domains, different markets (B2B, B2C, C2C), and different industries, giving an upper hand in the customer-oriented approach.

5 reasons to develop a mobile app?

  • We, as professionals in custom mobile app development have experienced the importance of powerful and professional online presence, accompanied by a web or mobile application facility, that increases your chances of achieving an increased ROI and conquers the competing and expanding digital world.
  • As mobile device users increase and the time they spend on these devices, the development of easy-to-use mobile apps is in demand.
  • Mobile apps need to be upgraded frequently. As soon as a new version of an OS (operating system) appears, it is essential to develop the app or update the app for a particular version of the operating system. This is also important to prevent cybersecurity problems.
  • Hiring reputable mobile app development services ensures that your customers are updated with the latest promotions and discounts that increase your sales. It is the key to reaching out to customers worldwide and building customer relationships. Mobile apps are branding assets through marketing and communication channels.
  • Customer loyalty growth is ensured by having an error-free mobile app delivering push notifications for enticing your customers. Another advantage of the mobile app is business analysis and process optimization to achieve growth motives.

Our robust mobile app development services gearing your trade!

We understand the Lifetime value & customer relationships, accordingly, we streamline our work. Our professionally built App adds an X-factor to your business which helps you enlarge your audience base and hold on to your previous customers (app retention). Our consultation for the pay-per-install prices gives you a better monetization plan. Our experts help in balancing the installs and retention ratios for maximizing your average revenue per user.

According to our experts, “an utmost reason behind the massive growth of many businesses through handheld devices, particularly smartphones, lies in the exposure with a mobile application condensed with ingenious features and breathtaking utilities.””

What goes a long way in reaping the benefits of a mobile app is the detailed analysis and customer engagement trends, which change now and then. CTS, the best Mobile app development Agency is highly proficient in developing such secure, robust, featured customized, and strategic mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms to meet every business requirement.

iOS App Development

We are a reputed mobile app development agency USA and our experts develop fully functional, stable and scalable, enterprises and consumer iOS mobile apps for the entire range of Apple products, including phones, watches, wearables and smart TVs. As an ethical mobile app development company we strictly comply with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and follow our best practices to create outstanding iOS mobile applications and help you increase adoption and user satisfaction.

Apple's platform is known for its reliability and high security. On the same lines, we enable companies to cater the specific security needs and protect users, data and devices while developing these applications. We develop domain-specific iOS solutions to outstand you from your competitors.

Android application Development

We apply our experience and strong technical talent for product/service based companies and VC-backed startups to meet the challenges associated with Android's openness and expand the database of loyal users. For company customers, we offer highly customizable solutions and secure apps for critical and confidential functionality without affecting the UX.

We develop your Android application complying with Google’s guidelines and upgrade with ever-changing technologies and trends of UX and UI design. To build novelty and integration with confidence, we use Android's integrated security features. Our expertise in Android application covers building robust applications for smartphones and tablets, connected devices, wearables, smart TVs and infotainment systems in the car.

Why choose CTS for Mobile App Development?

Our Uniqueness which adds a user-friendly touch to your business:

We are experts in styling and building superior digital models that enable seamless user experiences. Our team has wide experience in the custom mobile app development for all industries right from retail to health care. Our apps offer a unified experience on every screen and simultaneously engage the user rather than simply pleasing his eye.

Our mobile app development services encompass everything from idea to launch like:

  • Business analysis
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Designing and development of full-stack mobile applications for native (android or iOS) platforms.
  • Reworking upon outdated applications
  • Custom mobile app development and web application services to amplify the convenience
  • Support and Maintenance for constant enhancements to keep your application updated.
  • Regular debugging and testing of performance.
  • Building a reliable front and back end to ensure optimum security and working.
  • Software prototyping.
  • Developing Device-flexible applications for iOS and Android operating systems
  • Expert consultation

Using our expertise in various data processing languages like angular JS, languages for android, SWIFT for mobile app development, we create practical and seamless experiences on any device and get the finest mobile technology for your growth. Entrusting us saves your crucial time and energy with a reasonable investment.

Chicago Tech Solutions with 8+ years of multifaceted experience has catered to numerous businesses operating in different fields through application development, web development, digital marketing, and branding, maximizing your trade and achieving milestones.

The CTS dynamic team can grasp hold of your business and mould application development services as per your goals and expectations with a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL approach.

Drop us a message today about your idea, and our mobile app development team will get back to you to share more details on our iOS and android app development services.

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