Content Marketing

What brings business, leads and clicks is your content.

When content resonates with your potential customers, it evidently connects you with qualified buyers and reduces your bounce rate. All this contributes to boosting your ranking in Google search results and continues to bring value to your site for decades. Our in-house team of content writers has a rich experience and dedication that makes us one of Chicago’s finest Content Marketing Agency.

A content created by strong maneuvers hits the right mark and proves to be potential in flooding digital space. Working on technical / strategic aspects and values in the creation of content connects the missing links between you and potential consumers.

CTS, one of the best Content Marketing Agency in Chicago, believes that content and its marketing are a perfect mix of agility, value, tactics and consistency. Our content marketing approach focuses primarily on creating and distributing premium and lucid content to attract & retain potential audiences and help you rank higher in SERPs

Content marketing is the best way to separate you from your competitors. Today, the content marketing is much-needed for businesses. Behind every successful and well-known brand lies a wealth of relevant content and strategic marketing

Why do you need content marketing?

Content marketing is understanding your audience so well you can then create content for each user’s journey toward buying your product. A valuable content establishes a connection between user intent and your product, boosting your conversion and reducing the bounce rate. It gives required knowledge and trust to make informed purchasing decisions.

5 Benefits of choosing a content marketing agency

  • Expert content for your niche
  • Representing you and your business as an expert in the industry
  • Helps you build authority and credibility
  • Amplification of brand awareness and visibility
  • Generating more traffic, leads to sales.
  • Prioritizing the density and pixels.
  • Allows you to lead the conversation

What are the pillars of content marketing?

Content creation

The idea, strategy, editing & optimization of content is its creation. This is the most time-consuming and critical part. It’s an instrumental tool that makes your content lively! Relevant and engaging content makes your audience stay, develop trust and rely on your content. A well versed, illustrative content converts your audience in your loyal visitors to your website.


Our experience says that great content should be available, to be consumed by anyone on the web and should be easily discoverable for SEO-friendliness. Balancing the keywords and targeted Call to Action (CTA) are a must. At CTS, we offer our richest experience in identifying your target audience, distribution and lead generation. Our strategically approach helps grow your business.


Driven by content creation marketing distribution delivers your content to the target audience, which greatly depends on experience and content creation agency that makes your creative content to audience-ready. It involves activities such as e-mail and social media marketing, outreach and relationship building. To understand which strategy works for you we track your performance regularly and optimize marketing approach.

Incorporating insights

Insights help understand your audience sip down the literal concept. Victory lies in tracing the journey from what people want to hear and figuring out how to do it. Close consideration and analysis of the user’s behavior allows the CTS team to understand the preferences of audience and incorporate insights.

What makes us the best content marketing agency in Chicago?

Our creative and consulting teams have years of experience in creating and distributing content for B2B and B2C brands in a wide range of industries. We put together strong content, writing talent, and technical expertise. Picking up your company’s expertise and set it out compellingly. Data analysis and channeling the approach are at the peak of our service.

In the crowded digital space, content must be actively promoted to be noticed. We often score your performance using different analytical platforms like SemRush, Google Analytics, Ahref’s to determine your content marketing ROI and uplift your brand ranking. Our marketing team with content creators are here to create space for your message to be heard.

Our workflow for content marketing goes as follows

  • Generating business-relevant content ideas
  • Copywriting and developing content
  • Launch strategic content promotion
  • Tracking performance and succession of content

As per statistics, 81% of the contents fail due to improper headings, inability to develop light-hearted associations with end users, insufficient relevancy and other missing elements. Although the content marketing has the power to entice 70% of your audience scrolling through your content. We at CTS provide strategic services to maximize your digital footfall through the best content marketing. Using inclusive of studying the market, end users and taking content audits we identify the content gaps leading to a professionally developed content

Instagram being the 2nd popular has social media advertising costs starting from $1 for impressions per day, $5 for clicks, likes, views per day, $40 per day for app installs or offers whereas YouTube charges minimum $10 per day. CTS comes to your service for providing the best PPC management and smart consultation for selecting the economic platforms with benefits.

Demonstration prevails depiction- a crucial deciding factor is the type of channels you plump for, to advertise your content as it is a solitary facet pivotal in its role to resolve the people who glimpse the content thus making it distinctive and notable. CTS stands out to be the best SEO consultant in Chicago.

Try everything that keeps your audience interested in your website. We recommend three solid ways to reduce your bounce rate, which are clear CTA (Call-to-Action), consistently blogging and improving the speed of the site.

Well, that’s the smarter way of succeeding:

Do you know? 76% of content marketers use organic traffic as a key tool to evaluate the content’s success while only 22% use back-links. Back links and use of keywords serves for reaping the benefits! Content creation, it’s optimization, it’s promotion with maintenance and reporting is what the CTS experts follow.

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